Devon D.

Shooting head shots with Mitch Waxman was such a great experience. I felt so comfortable during the shoot with his warm, laid back yet fun personality. He also really helped bring out the different characters I was looking to capture.

My agents loved the shots. When my new head shots from Mitch went up online, I was called into more auditions in 3 months than I was all the previous year. I have booked 3 commercials since then and just joined the union.

On top of all of that, Mitch was affordable and easy to contact.

I would recommend him to any actor!

Jessica S.

Shooting with Mitch was such a pleasure, and the head shots from our session really feel like me. What's more is they are getting me out on more auditions.  He has an amazing eye for differentiating looks and how to get shots that look like you and are marketable at the same time.

He was also excellent at communication - whether for scheduling the shoot, providing packaging options, discussing shot selections or retouching, Mitch got back to me very quickly on everything. 

I highly recommend Mitch to anyone looking for new shots.

Talita M.

Hands down the best headshot photographer I've ever shot with.

Mitch is super prepared and dedicated. He makes you feel comfortable, he gives you tons of options and he loves to play around with different backgrounds. He has a great eye of what would look good on you and the types of character you should play around with when you are shooting. 

It was a great and fun experience. 

My photos gave me a lot of range and looked amazing.

Katherine D.

My favorite head shots in my career have been shot with Mitch. They are photos that capture my look and personality better than so many others. I have already used them for a few years and they still work beautifully. He chose interesting locations and was a pleasure to spend an afternoon with. I highly recommend him.